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Hywall has over ten years experience in manufacturing and exporting to overseas markets from China. Our company specializes in the following series of products:

*Wooden boxes, tea box, gift box, jewelry box, wine bottle box, keepsake box, shadow box, recipe box, tool box, wooden chip boxes and so on.

*Wooden urns, Pet urns, People urns, coffins, caskets and other related funeral products.

*Wooden Pet houses, wooden birds house & cages, wooden dog house, cat house, chicken coops.

*Wooden children toys, wooden puzzles, wooden letters, carving wood crafts.

*wooden photo frames, wooden picture frames.

* Wooden furnitures, sofa, chairs, cabinet and chest.

*Paperboard gift boxes, colored paper boxes, shop bags and tote bags.

Over the past ten years we have been established solid business relationships with many companies worldwide. We have extensive experience in the international market, have exported to America, Europe, Japan and Korea, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

We believe that creativity and credibility are two elements essential for business success. We can assure you the best service, the most favorable price, and on-time delivery. Your enquiries and OEM design specifications are always welcome.

We sincerely wish to establish a long-term business relationship with your esteemed company. For any enquiries, please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or post.



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